EmoSPARK could usher in new age of artificial intelligence at home

emosparkI am not quite sure about you, but the naming convention as well as overall design of the EmoSPARK that you see above does seem to be a whole lot closer to that of the fictional Allspark that we have seen in the Transformers movies earlier on, doesn’t it? But I digress – it looks as though the home is going to be a whole lot different from now on, where artificial intelligence (AI) is set to make its way into homes through this EmoSPARK that measures 90m x 90cm x 90cm. Just what is the EmoSPARK, anyways? It has been described to be an “emotionally supportive cube” that will feature its very own personality, now how about that for something special as a present?

The EmoSPARK is the brainchild of Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, who happens to be a Paris based entrepreneur. He has come up with this particular Indiegogo project that is set for mass production assuming it raises the relevant amount of funds. Being a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected cube, it is dubbed to be the first ‘artificial intelligence console’ in the world, where it has been specially developed in order to learn the emotions and language of people in their homes, while making sure that it pulls its own weight by contributing to the emotional well-being of the family. Phew! This means that the EmoSPARK is not some sort of Borg collective in disguise.

It will take some time for the EmoSPARK to develop its own personality, which in turn is based on the interactions that it has had with people. Somewhat akin to those who have had experience with Apple’s Siri, it is very possible to speak with the cube, although EmoSPARK is one step ahead of Siri since it can offer both entertainment and web content choices such as music and videos, depending on one’s current mood and user preferences. What would you give to see this Android-powered cube become reality?

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