DIY Solar System provides a fun way of learning


If you were to be a cat and would like to learn about the solar system, just what would be the best way of getting around doing so? Some folks might say that using sardines or tuna as an incentive would be the perfect way of doing so, but the folks over at Thinkgeek have come up with the $19.99 DIY Solar System, which is a fun way as well since it will allow one to make planets using yarn. And we all jolly well know just how crazy can cats be when it comes to a ball of yarn, although they tend to be more destructive than constructive.

The solar system is our home, where we happen to live on the third rock from the sun in which we call earth. The DIY Solar System allows one to craft out the entire solar system using nothing but yarn, as you wrap balloons in yard alongside a special kind of glue solution, giving the glue some time to harden before you pop those balloons. Once done, it is up to you to paint those planets according to the colors of your choice although it would be best to pull out an encyclopedia and paint them accordingly. Each purchase will also come with a16 page manual that will be accompanied by a trio of experiments.

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