Scentee Smartphone Aroma Diffuser makes your world smell right…remotely


We are a plugged in and connected generation these days, but how many of us happen to use our smartphones for more than just communicating with one another through a bevy of options (social networks, instant messaging and the old standby, SMS and calls)? Perhaps there is far more than the smartphone can do to make our lives easier when we arrive back home, and the £29.99 Scentee Smartphone Aroma Diffuser is certainly one such device unlike other aroma diffusers. In other words, this is your very own personal and portable air freshener, where you can choose from Rosemary, Coffee and Lavender scents that are sold separately.

First of all, the Scentee Smartphone Aroma Diffuser will be able to synchronize with your smartphone in order to unlock a new sensory experience, and this lets you bask in luxurious and fragrant vapors. What makes it all the more special is its connectivity capability – imagine each time you receive a Facebook ‘Like’ or an email, you get to experience a pleasant whiff. It is plugged neatly into the headphone socket of your smartphone, and you can also determine the interval between sprays as well as the length of time it sprays for. The ring of customizable LED lights allows you to add a dash of color to boot. Definitely the perfect way to wake up and smell the coffee, literally!

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