Add your own personal pixel message onto your morning waffle


It has been said a million times, but breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. It’s easy to get into a routine of eating the same bland foods every single day, even though you always want to eat something new. If you want something simple, but don’t want your morning to be as dull as the rest of the day promises, why not add a twist onto an old favorite?

Waffles are a very complicated and crunchy version of pancakes (clearly the superior breakfast choice). However, with the Pixel waffle maker, you can add a message to each morning meal that can bring a smile to your face. You can make a heart or write out a message to your significant other, or leave a note to remind yourself about something you have to do during the day. Your past self the night before a big day can remind your future self to fax a document, call your mom, or just to relax and remember to breathe.

This waffle maker has a removable silicone tray on which you can pop up individual squares to make your message. The rest of this waffle maker is made of stainless steel, cast iron, and plastic. The tray can be easily removed and cleaned, but the cast iron element in the top and stainless steel sides may need a little work if you’re bad at pouring batter. This is currently a Quirky concept, but could become a real product if you weigh in your opinion.

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