Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – Hit the Floor Running!


Summer is a sweet memory and the Fall is now in full swing. The worst part about it, is getting the crew used to waking up early on those dreaded school days. I find myself trudging up and down the halls doling out 5 minute warnings like a living snooze bar. It gets old fast. If only there was an alarm clock that I could rely on to get everyone up on time… because then, I could just sleep in!

Checkout The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock, this more than capable clock has everything you’ll need to get almost any solid sleeper up, and out of bed, and not just for school either. Sure, the 113 decibel tone (and volume) adjustable alarm, with the available super shaker bed vibrator,  will help you start getting ready on time, but this nifty clock with also allow you to connect a lamp that will flash with the alarm, and it can connect with signalers to alert you to things like your baby crying, the doorbell, or even the telephone ringing.

The Sonic Boom’s test function allows you to check out which combinations of sound, flashing lights and vibrations will be most effective in jolting your butt out of bed, and the snooze settings will let you drift back off, for up to a half an hour, and then torture you all over again. So if you, or someone you love, is hard of hearing, or simply sleeps like they’re comatose,The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock may be just what you need. Get yours at with the Super Shaker included, for right around 82 bucks. My mornings just got a whole lot better.