Bang mini speaker lets you share your favorite tunes wherever you are


What you see above happens to be the Bang mini speaker which would allow you to share your favorite songs regardless of where you are, thanks to the folks over from Coloud Headphones, who have now delivered yet another option which you can utilize to let your neighbor or family members listen to the genius that is Justin Bieber – assuming you love his music to bits and pieces, and think that he is way better than the late Elvis himself. All right, I digress, as this is supposed to be more about the Bang mini speaker compared to what some might see as an insult to The King himself.

Let’s face the facts – life without music can get to be rather boring and dull, especially when one goes through life in an extremely monotonous manner. A road trip could feel as though its distance is twice as long as it actually is if all your ears were subjected to was the sound of tire threads rolling on asphalt, and some children at the back asking for the umpteenth time, “Are we there yet?” If only you had your favorite band playing in the background, you thought, and you would have felt as though the entire length of the journey would be halved.

Well, the Bang mini speaker is not only highly portable, it is also more than capable of delivering incredible sound quality in a modern design, where the saying “good things come in small packages” is proven correct. Apart from that, the folks over at Coloud Headphones have also thrown in a 3.5mm daisy chain jack for you to set your own – in other words, you are able to hook up multiple speakers together for a bigger, bolder sound, or have the choice to remain to just one for those low-key occasions.

Expect the Coloud Bang mini speaker to arrive later this October 2nd for $25 a pop, where you can choose from black, neon pink and purple, and grey and cerise shades.

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