Jot Touch with Pixelpoint offers a different perspective on a stylus


Let’s face it – how many of us actually make use of our phablets and smartphones by touching the display with a stylus? Not that many, I suspect, and for good reason, too. There really isn’t enough need to do so, since most of the apps on the smartphones, phablets and tablets work just fine with one’s finger. However, if you would like to be more sophisticated in your approach, there is the $119.99 Jot Touch with Pixelpoint, where this pressure-sensitive stylus will cater for iOS devices and it has been specially designed for digital artists.

That explains it all, doesn’t it? This is also the very first stylus to be Adobe Creative Cloud connected, or at least that is the claim laid by the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint. It will sport a 3.18mm discless, fine-point tip that is touted to last for up to – get this, 56 miles of writing! Just how many pages are you able to churn out with this bad boy, I leave that to your imagination. All I know is, the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is one wicked stylus that digital artists might want to take into consideration if they happen to be in the market for such an accessory.

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