Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard delivers a tangle-free working area

Satechi-BT-Wireless-Smart-KeyboardJust about everyone works on a computer these days at the office, and if you were to take a look at any cafe out there in the streets, you would also notice that many people use a tablet or a notebook to get some stuff done, be it sending out an email or perhaps even working on a brand new proposal, or simply to chill out by viewing cat videos. One thing’s for sure – the keyboard is one particular peripheral that looks as though it is going to remain as a mainstay for many, many more years to come. Of course, when we talk about keyboards, notebooks already come with an attached keyboard for sure, so wireless keyboards more or less remain within the domain of desktops. Satechi intends to shake things up a bit in the wireless keyboard market with the Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard.

Without the need for any kind of wires, the Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard will be able to offer any Mac or PC user an organized, tangle-free workspace. It looks really sleek and is extremely thin (measuring just 0.7” in terms of thickness) where the keyboard itself will function over a Bluetooth connection – which means your desktop would have a free USB port for you to plug in any other devices. Unless you have a screen that is as large as that of a movie theater, you might want to think twice about testing out the 33 feet connection radius.

With so many models of wireless keyboards that are in the market right now, what makes the Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard so different? First of all, it offers a comfortable typing experience and features whisper-quiet keys, which will help reduce distractions and create a more efficient workspace. Not only that, it is highly portable, which means you can tote it with you just about wherever you are. There are also multimedia keys that offer instant access to control video and audio content, where among them include play/pause, volume, forward/backtrack and more. An on/off switch and sleep function are also thrown into the mix to maximize battery life. The asking price? A relatively affordable $54.99.

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