electroVine ensures your cord remains hidden in plain sight

electrovineOnce in a while, a particularly brilliant solution pops up to a question that has surely bugged more than a few good people in the past, so much so that some of us who stumble across such a solution would slap ourselves silly over our foreheads, and ask the timeless question, “Now why didn’t I think of that before?” The world is seeing its life force ebb away no thanks to our polluting ways, leading us to want to get greener. Here is a chance to do so in terms of colors, and not the actual healing of the earth itself, with the electroVine.

The electroVine happens to be an indoor/outdoor 6-foot extension cord that has been, as you would have guessed by now, disguised as a vine. No longer do you need to hide your cords at all, no sir! At least it is a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing compared to the boring old extension cord. Forget about the cold industrial design of yore with the electroVine, as it will keep all of your important technological devices and appliances in and around the home/office powered, without looking unsightly. Not only that, it will also make any wedding reception or cocktail party look more elegant and refined, and it is currently on the hunt to raise enough funds to become reality. You in?