Message Click Clock tells the time in style


What it comes to telling the time, most of us these days would prefer to rely on our smartphones, although there is still a fair number of us out there who wear wristwatches. Having said that, if you love to decorate a room right down to the detail of your choice, you might want to check out more unique timepieces rather than the plastic clocks that IKEA has on offer. How about stretching your budget by a little bit with the £74.99 Message Click Clock?

The Message Click Clock will allow you to wake up every single morning to an uplifting personal message. Using a single click of your finger, you will be able to check out the time, date and your message. The entire timepiece will sport an external chassis that is made out of timber with a stylish beech-wood effect veneer. It is also a snap to program, having enough memory underneath the hood to stash up to 7 different messages, and best of all is, it carries the entire slew of regular alarm clock and snooze functionality. Of course, clicking your fingers might not be your cup of tea, so clapping your hands to get the Message Click Clock show the time, date and ambient temperature would work as well.

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