Puppoose – “Hang Out” with your Dog


As you look around, you realize there are a great many dog lovers in this world. It has even become quite fashionable to sport a tiny pooch in your arms while shopping, and depending on where you live, at restaurants, or even hair salons. You see these little guys, with their bejeweled collars out and about, everywhere, but if I had to carry around my dog, I’d never get anything done.

Well, check out the Puppoose, sure there are a lot of pet carriers on the market but you probably haven’t seen anything quite as ummm, unusual as the Puppoose. This hands-free dog carrier allows you to carry your canine as a fabulous fashion accessory, and it was designed by a Hollywood dancer who crocheted the first one herself. No kidding? Worn like a purse, the Puppoose has two straps that are worn over your shoulders to create a harness-like sling for your small dog. The bottom contains four holes for your puppy’s little legs, and the material is evidently very soft, so Fifi is quite comfortable and safe when she’s being carried around.

The Puppoose has a padded neck cushion and the straps are adjustable, so you too can feel quite comfy whilst toting around man’s best friend. Okay, so it looks silly, and I’m guessing that my dog would bite me in the ribs should I ever attempt to hang her up for my next trip to the mall, but the dog in the picture looks quite content to be mommy’s fur purse. So, if you have a fur-buddy that you believe would be happy to “hang around” with you more often, than the Puppoose is for you. With sizes to fit dogs from 2 to 22 pounds the Puppoose comes in pink, blue, brown & black, and you can get one at poshpuppybotique.com for 54 bucks. Hey! Does this dog go with my shoes?