Nixeus MODA mechanical keyboard could enhance your typing experience


Not all computer peripherals are created equal, and we know that very well, especially where keyboards are concerned. If you are one who spends countless hours in front of the computer each day, churning out report after report for your superior without a break in sight, it would bode your body well (especially your hands and fingers) to use a great keyboard to get the job done. Having said that, a mechanical keyboard is always more than welcome, and this time around, we have the Nixeus MODA mechanical keyboard that has been stressed test by professional PC gamers, and it carries with it certified mechanical switches that are perfect for office work, long or fast typing sessions, gaming as well as other applications – basically anything that requires an extremely durable keyboard.

The Nixeus MODA mechanical keyboard (model number MK-BN14) might be a wee bit pricey for the masses though, as it sports a recommended retail price of $79.99 a pop. The reason behind the more expensive than usual price tag lies in a brown mechanical switch which produces a soft tactile bump feedback that can be felt at the fingertips. Each of these switches will offer a lower actuation force of 45 grams, not to mention a shorter actuation distance at 2.0 +/-0.4 mm, doing so without the need for one to fully press down the key. In fact, thanks to the keyboard’s reduced actuation distance and lower force, it will go some way in minimizing typing fatigue, making it a snap to input data in a jiffy as well as improve on one’s typing speed.

Apart from that, all of the individual switches are able to offer up to 50 million keystrokes, which so happens to be 10 times the life of normal keyboards. Featuring a steel plate reinforced compact ten keyless keyboard body, that offers solid build quality, a longer life span and durability, regardless of whether it is used at the office, or being carried to on-the-go LAN parties. With USB plug-and-play technology, the Nixeus MODA is a snap to use and install sans the hassle of extra software.

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