Singing Gondolier adds a dash of charm to your pool


Have you ever dropped by the plush hotels of the Venetian, whether it is in Las Vegas or in Macau? Those are certainly 5-star resorts that offer just about any creature comforts imaginable, not to mention having recreated a sense of you being in Venice itself, with a built-in waterway to boot, alongside an actual person rowing a gondola along for added effect. So you just have a swimming pool at home, and would like to add a dash of charm to it for the upcoming pool party. Let the $59.99 Singing Gondolier help you out in this case.

With the Singing Gondolier, your swimming pool will be transformed into an enchanting Venetian canal, as this whimsical pool decoration boasts of a 15″ long gondola that will move around your pool as the gondolier Luciano Poolvarotti keeps you and your guests entertained with a trio of 3 traditional Italian songs. While this isn’t exactly the best lip sync performance, his mouth does move up and down for added effect, running on a quartet of AA batteries. If only he came with solar-powered efficiency as well as a power source alternative.

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