The green Electric Peel Micro Car help you get around in style


For those who have clocked up at least half a century in the number of birthdays over the years might just carve out a fond smile on your face when you think about the Peel Trident, which happens to be a two-seat, three-wheeled microcar that was first developed and constructed on England’s Isle of Man between 1965 to 1966. In fact, the Peel Trident measures a mere 72” in length and 42” wide, being one of the smallest production cars ever since the driver as well as passenger are seated a mere 12” from the ground. Fondly called “The Terrestrial Flying Saucer” (definitely different from the other flying saucers that we have seen in the past) in its heydays because of its eclectic bubble top, there were only 82 of these puppies built. Well, if you have $25,000 to spare, then you might want to check out the Electric Peel Micro Car, which pays homage to the UK-built original.

Also manufactured in the UK while relying on majority of the similar materials that are found in the original, where among them includie a fiberglass body and steel frame, this particular model will come updated with a 3 hp electric moped engine that delivers a 28 mph maximum speed for two riders, as long as their combined weight do not surpass the 300 lbs. mark. It will get around on a trio of 9” diameter wheels with rubber tires, where the rear wheel will offer power while the driver steers the front wheels, and the entire shebang will come to a stop thanks to its all-wheel brakes. There is also a reverse gear that was lacking in the original. With its built-in rechargeable battery, it can move around for 15 miles before requiring a five-hour charge.

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