BRAVEN BRV-BANK portable backup battery touted to be world’s smartest

braven-brv-bankHaving a superlative describe a particular device could prove to be a weighty matter, especially when it involves the company’s pride on the line. Chances are there will be caveats such as “in the same class” or perhaps , “within the same range” that a superlative will be attached, but BRAVEN takes the road less travelled by announcing that the BRV-BANK happens to be the world’s smartest and first Bluetooth Smart-enabled, rugged portable backup battery that sports 6,000mAh of juice.

The BRV-BANK happens to be IPX5 water-resistant and shockproof, as it will be able to function as the ultimate outdoor companion thanks to its proprietary app and rugged USB flashlight. Being able to quickly juice up even the most energy demanding tablets, smartphones, GPS or GoPro cameras, you will always have flexibility with the BRV-BANK thanks to a pair of USB outputs as well as a combined output of 3.4A.

BRAVEN’s BRV-BANK also boasts of the ability to be remotely controlled via its Remote Battery Monitor App, where users will gain the ability to locate the Battery Bank, keep track of its power levels, individually turn on and off each port to conserve power, as well as activate its two additional features: namely Bear Mode and S.O.S. In Bear Mode, your smartphone’s motion sensor will be activated, where it sends signals to the bank in order to sound an alarm and activate the connected USB flashlight whenever your smartphone moves.

If you turn on the S.O.S. mode, well, what did you expect? It will automatically activate the universal distress signal by sending a visual morse code for “S.O.S.” via the connected USB flashlight. BRAVEN has decided to dress up the BRV-BANK with a range of accessories, where among them include a reinforced lanyard for hanging and easy carrying, a ruggedized microUSB cable for worry-free charging under the harshest conditions, and a convenient USB flashlight. Expect this 6,000mAh BRV-BANK to cost you $129.99 if you are interested.

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