AirDog auto-follow action sports drone launched

airleashWhen it comes to drone action, we have seen quite a few different models released in the past, and it does not look as though drones are going to go out of fashion anytime soon. On the contrary, as technology progresses, drone technology is going to get better, more accurate, not to mention being able to deliver better quality images and videos to it’s owner. Well, with the AirDog, adventures as well as those with a roving spirit alike will be able to record their adrenaline pumping action from a third person point of view.

The AirDog was developed using Stratasys 3D printing technology, where this means end users are able to end up with their very own affordable and personal aerial video crew. Targeting the consumer market primarily, AirDog happens to be an innovative, yet simple-to-use, ‘quad-copter’ which can be operated through a wrist-worn tracking device, as it accommodates a standard GoPro sports camera.

With it, users are able to automatically capture exciting live aerial video footage and still photography of themselves, with a set distance, speed and height levels for AirDog to follow. It does seem as though AirDog will eventually shape up to be of particular interest to recreational participants of freestyle BMX, motocross and skateboarding, not to mention the different water-sports including the likes of surfing, kite-surfing and wake-boarding.

The final version of the AirDog drone happened to be fully 3D printed thanks to Stratasys’ FDM-based ULTEM material, which was selected due to its ability to provide parts of extreme strength and durability, sporting lightweight characteristics that are crucial for take-off and in-flight maneuverability.

With this, you can more or less come up with your very own action sequences, without having to worry that whatever stunts you pull off will not be captured on video for all and sundry to see.

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  1. AirDog is so cool! Can`t wait to try it. Already backed it up!Seems super easy to use and I like the no remote, no extra device approach!

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