The AirForce Toy BlowGun will take all the breath your lungs can muster


When it comes to playing with toy guns, how fast your ammo fires out of the barrel will determine whether or not your opponent will feel it. There’s nothing more frustrating when play fighting than someone getting hit and not taking the shot as legit. What would happen if you were the factor in how hard the dart would come out?

The AirForce Toy Blowgun’s strength is directly dependent on how powerful your lungs are. Of course, this means this kind of toy can be used by kids, teens, or adults. It’s accurate up to 40-50 feet, but can go up to 100 feet away. This comes with a zombie box for practice, 10 darts, and safety glasses, which you’ll want to make sure you always wear when playing with this.

Seeing that 10 darts is going to make for a very short round, you’re likely going to want to stockpile those. If you don’t, your game won’t last much longer than 5 minutes. If you already have a bunch of toy darts lying around, you can use any you come across so long as they are 15mm in diameter. To use the dart gun is easier than using a super soaker or Nerf gun, as you don’t need to do any pumping to build up pressure. Simply load the dart, carefully suck back, and then blow out with all the breath you have stored in your lungs. It’s only as accurate as you can aim, and will cost you around $25-30.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke


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