Campfire Roasting Rod lets you “fish” for food

campire-roasting-rodSince those of us living in the northern hemisphere are currently enjoying summer, it is time to break out the barbeque pit and start having a good time of fellowship with your family and friends over the weekend. Of course, there is nothing quite like having a campfire late into the night, where you regale tales of yore with the next generation through a magical session of storytelling, turning boys to men and leading girls to the path of womanhood. Sipping on a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows roasting in the background makes for such a perfect setting. However, with the $119.95 Campfire Roasting Rod, things get a little bit more interesting.

The Campfire Roasting Rod happens to be a patented counterbalanced campfire set which will allow campers to roast hot dogs as well as toast marshmallows from a safe distance, as though one is fishing. Thanks to its heat-resistant wooden handles, you will find that each of the four 36″-long steel poles that sport a 21″-long stainless steel “line” which ends up in a pair of roasting spits will be able to get the job done. Each spit boasts of two prongs, making it ideal for roasting a pair of hot dogs or a quartet of marshmallows. Whenever you jiggle the pole upwards in a gentle manner, it is similar to setting the hook while fishing, as it flips the roasting spits over for even cooking. Having the right tool to get the job done is always a joy, isn’t it?