Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor – Your High Tech Green Thumb


I love having plants around. They brighten a space, and bring a freshness indoors like nothing else can. Problem is, I can put a plant out of it’s misery in 2 weeks flat. I read the care instructions, I think I water appropriately, and I certainly provide them with the required allotment of sunshine, but in mere days, my happy, colorful little plants begin to turn on me. Where do I go wrong?

Well, now there’s a high tech way to determine whats best for your foliage, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor. Designed to measure soil moisture, tem­perature, and light intensity. It makes taking care of your plants a no-brainer. Using scientific care models, Koubachi determines the exact needs of your specific plants. By monitoring soil moisture, you’ll know exactly when to water your plants, and by staying on top of ambient temperatures, you’ll be provided with advice on ideal con­ditions and even get real-time alerts when it is truly is too warm, or too cold for your precious plants.

You can use a single sensor to take care of multiple plants. You simply place the sensor in one indoor plant, give it some time, and Koubachi will learn everything it needs to know in order to pro­vide you with accurate care taking advice. So if you’re severely lacking a green thumb, or just want to add a gardening gadget to your electronic arsenal, check out the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, for under 100 bucks at amazon.com. Available in both indoor, and outdoor models.

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