i-MEGO Maze studio headphones introduced

imegoI-MEGO Infinity Ltd. has recently announced the unveiling of their Maze on-ear studio headphones, where this particular pair of cans are certainly pleasing to the eye (and most definitely to the touch). After all, how can we argue against the recipient of both the 2014 Red Dot: Product Design Award & the Platinum A’Design Award? Sporting a slender on-ear construction that boasts of a soft memory foam cushion and semi-transparent vinyl record-like deco plate alongside an integrated metal slider, the Maze studio headphones ensures that acoustics are enhanced to the maximum in order to deliver larger than life audio thanks to its patent-pending design.

Apart from that, the Maze studio headphones will also come with the brand’s characteristic stellar sound that is provided by a couple of high performance neodymium 40mm drivers, where it has been designed to be 30% thinner compared to a normal speaker, while maximizing the air cabinet volume which ends up with a better low end response. Specially built using a titanium diagram, the balanced drivers will deliver an extraordinarily natural, lifelike sound with extremely low distortion.

Not only is it lightweight in nature, it is also collapsible, despite comprising of a premium blend of aluminum, leather and plastic that delivers maximum comfort for long listening sessions. In addition, to make life more convenient for Maze owners, each purchase will be accompanied by a soft carrying pouch, completely detachable volume and microphone control, and adapters that are capable of accommodating just about any audio resource.

As for its technical specifications, it has a driver diameter of 40mm, a frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz, 102 ± 3dB sensitivity, an impedance of 32Ω, a 1.2m cable length with a 3.5mm stereo gold plug as its connector. Those who are interested in picking up the Maze studio headphones will be able to do so after forking out $139.99 per pair.

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