Griffin Technology introduces Wired Keyboard for iOS devices

griffin-wired-kbWhen it comes to something like a keyboard, it is a particular computer peripheral that can get very personal – certain makes certainly cater for different kinds of people, while others would swear by a selected brand. Others, however, do not really have a strict preference, but I would say that if you have been comfortable with a particular brand or type of keyboard, it can be pretty difficult making a change to a new one. Griffin Technology has something that iOS device owners might want to check out – a new Wired Keyboard.

The new Wired Keyboard from Griffin Technology will boast of the familiar layout and feel of a full-size keyboard, although it does come with the added advantage of offering full iOS key functions and tactile feedback, not to mention boasting of a cord that makes connection quick and easy regardless of the situation

The Wired Keyboard will arrive in 30-pin or Lightning versions and is the perfect hassle-free, secure solution irrespective of whether you are a student, teacher or professional. All that you, as the user, need to do, is to connect the keyboard to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and your device will instantly receive the full-featured keyboard functionality.

Erin Wiles, Education B2B Business Development at Griffin Technology, said, “Our Wired Keyboard is an easy plug and play solution that we designed for use in classrooms as a convenient option for students and teachers. Additionally, with the advent of digital standardized testing, school districts are implementing rules for devices that require the use of an external keyboard not connected by Bluetooth. Our Wired Keyboard ensures that iPad tablets will meet SBAC and PARCC testing requirements.”

There never really is a need to change batteries, to juice up the keyboard or go through a Bluetooth pairing process, so school teachers will be able to focus on lessons instead of spending time troubleshooting connection issues. The entire cord measures a meter in length, and will come in both 30-pin and Lightning versions so it will play nice with just about any iOS device. The Griffin Technology Wired Keyboard will retail for $59.99 a pop, and it is accompanied by a three-year warranty.

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