Wireless Key Finder helps you locate wayward keys

wireless-key-finderAre you one of those people who tend to lose track of your keys, no matter how careful you try to be? Well, if you have answered that in the affirmative, might I bring your attention to the $49.99 Wireless Key Finder which would, hopefully, be able to bring an end to all your wayward key troubles? The way the Wireless Key Finder is extremely simple – all that you need to do is to attach a color-coded key fob receiver to your key ring, and that’s that. The next time an absent minded moment strikes you and you start to fumble all over the place for your keys, fret not.

Take a deep breath, and press the matching button on the wireless transmitter. The receiver ought to respond with a flashing red LED that will be accompanied by a loud, beeping alert which ought to let you home in on the missing key in no time at all. Of course there is a caveat to all of this – the Wireless Key Finderworks only within a 60′ radius when you are indoors, or up to 90′ in open outdoor spaces. Assuming you have misplaced your keys in a public space and you’re now back at home, it is back to square one – to use a spare. The Wireless Key Finder will include a trio of color-coded receivers (two key fobs and one flat receiver that fits in a purse).