Drift Light wants you to sleep naturally


There was a time where people used to sleep according to when the sun was up or down. While that was a long, long time ago, it is nice to wake up gradually with light rather than all at once. The same goes for getting ready to sleep. You don’t have any time to adjust your eyes to the difference, and are blind for the first five minutes of darkness.

If you’d prefer that your light go down slowly rather than all at once, then the Drift Light might be in your interest to have around. This is a light that is controlled by the number of times you flip your light switch. During the day, one switch will have it functioning normally. Two flips will have the light blub respond by blinking once, and fading to dark over 37 minutes. Three flips will blink in response two times, and will fade to low over 37 minutes.

To aid you in sleep, this uses a warmer light as it’s fading so your melatonin will increase and help you snooze. This bulb has a plastic cap, so even if you bump or drop it, it should be able to withstand the impact. If you have trouble sleeping because of the huge change in lighting, then the Drift Light could be quite useful. Should you be interested in having just one, it will cost you $29, or you can get a 4-pack for $100.

Available for purchase on Drift-Light found via thegeekchurch