Breathometer is a smart breathalyser

breathometerSo, you like to go pub crawling once in a while with the rest of your mates just to paint the town red, whether your favorite sports team has just won the league championship, or it has been dumped out of the finals of a competition, it doesn’t matter – either way is still cause for celebration or drowning one’s sorrows in the nectar of the gods. Well, for those who prefer to maintain their dignity on a night out, and also drive home yourself without having to hail a cab, here is the £59.99 Breathometer, a smart breathalyser that encourages you to drink smart.

Basically, the Breathometer would be able to transform your smartphone into a breathalyser in a matter of seconds. All that you need to do is to plug it directly into the headphone jack of your smartphone when you need it. When it is not meant to be in action, it can then fit easily into your pocket, purse or on your keychain. Not only that, with the Breathometer, you can be sure that you can drink in a more responsible manner, as there are colorful graphics on it that will inform you should sobriety be attained. Of course, knowing that you should stop is one thing – it takes true discipline to know how to stop.