Sceptre adds a dash of color with new 32” LED HDTV


Sceptre has just introduced a brand new 32” LED HDTV to the masses that will be able to introduce more than just entertainment into your life, as it will also bring color to the scene. Of course, 32” is the absolute minimum when it comes to the screen size, but it ought to be sufficient for those living in a small room. Arriving in pink, purple, pearl white and black shades, it is the ideal method to enjoy your favorite TV programming all the while introducing a touch of personality to any room.

The Sceptre 32” LED HDTV will see the introduction of a trio of HDMI ports that will do their part to deliver superior digital video and audio from external sources via a single cable, in addition to having a USB port so that you can plug in a USB flash drive that holds movies, songs and photos for you to check out, all the while delivering all images and video via a crystal clear LED panel with 720P, 1366×768 resolution. Not only that, this 32” LED HDTV will also come equipped with a range of internal features that will include Parental Control settings which limits program availability depending on the TV ratings that they carry, apart from having a sleep timer that will be able to limit viewing time.

It is not only versatile but light in nature, letting you mount it to a wall in a jiffy. Do remember that it tips the scales at a mere 12.32 lbs, which means the chances of it falling down to the ground in an unmitigated disaster is virtually zero. The colors that Sceptre has chosen for it to come in will be able to brighten up just about any room, including dorm rooms, kitchens, patios, guest bedrooms or even bathrooms.

Cathy Chou, vice president of operations, Sceptre, shared, “Our latest Color Series 32-inch LED HDTV stands out from the ordinary without sacrificing technology and functionality. It is also extremely cost efficient with an Energy Star V6 rating and an estimated yearly energy cost of only $8.” You can pick it up for $499.99 a pop if you are interested.

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HiHat Says: April 24, 2014 at 10:58 am

$500 for a 32-inch 720P set? I don’t think so…

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