Heated Lotion Dispenser keeps hands clean and warm


We humans operate best at an optimal temperature, too cold and it would be inefficient for us to walk around all wrapped up like a puffed up mummy, too hot and the sweltering heat would just about sap one’s energy away before doing anything in the first place. Going to the washroom is something that most of us do every single day, and after we’re done with our business, it is time to wash them hands. During the winter, your hands might get cold very fast, which is why the $39.99 Heated Lotion Dispenser does its bit to help by making your hand lotion warm, soothing your digits as you spread the lotion all over.

The Heated Lotion Dispenser is a snap to use – all that you need to do is fill up the 16 oz. reservoir with your favorite hand lotion or body lotion, where the coil heat design will ensure that the lotion inside will warm up (without spoiling or altering its chemical make up) in a matter of two minutes thereabouts. Of course, it will need to be plugged in in order to work, and there is an LED power indicator light to inform you that it is turned on, alongside a 5′ cord with an on/off switch.

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