Accidentally Extraordinary looks to Kickstarter to roll out the AE 51st Studios Unplugged headphones

51st-studiosNot all headphones are created equal, and you can tell by referring to Accidentally Extraordinary, the headphone startup that is the main driving force behind the highly-rated 51st Studios over-ear walnut headphones. Well, they have decided to turn to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the manufacturing and roll out of their first ever production wood headphones that will boast of Bluetooth connectivity, calling it the AE 51st Studios Unplugged.

I would like to think that the AE 51st Studios Unplugged intends to continue from where its highly successful predecessor, the AE 51st Studios, left off. Relying on the popular design, Accidentally Extraordinary (AE) hopes to raise $60,000 in the next 22 days on Kickstarter so that they can begin to produce the AE 51st Studios Unplugged.

Founder and CEO of AE Kunal Dalal shared, “This launch is important for us. We were thrilled with the love our first headphones received, and now we are trying to build on that success in market as seemingly crowded as this. Because, actually, when it comes to headphones like ours at this price-point, I don’t think there’s that much in the way of competition.”

The AE 51st Studios Unplugged model will support wireless connectivity obviously as it handles Bluetooth connectivity with ease, sporting a multi-function button that can handle power/playback/call functions, with an embedded microphone that caters for wireless calls. There is a sleek looking slider on the left ear cup for next/previous track, while the Volume Slider on the headphone will work too, regardless of whether it is in wired or wireless mode. Walnut wood is used for a distinguished look and a richer listening experience, while the clever implementation of anodized stainless steel for its headband delivers a clean, crisp, ultra-modern finish. Just in case the rest of your devices have not caught up with the Bluetooth program just yet, there will be a detachable 3.5mm cable that caters for wired listening.

Product Page via Press Release