Rubik’s Cube Light brightens up the room


The Rubik’s Cube is one of the more endearing puzzles that we have seen in the past, so much so that it remains in existence today. It makes perfect sense – after all, you do not need any kind of batteries to keep the Rubik’s Cube going, and there is also the unique way in which it challenges your brain unlike a standard issue video game. Well, how about paying homage to this old school puzzle with the £29.99 Rubik’s Cube Light?

First of all, I am glad to announce that the Rubik’s Cube Light does not need to be solved first before it can light up – otherwise, you would most probably see this unique light thrown across the room in frustration by many who have given it a go. Still, it is fully playable, which makes it all the more interesting in the first place. This is an officially licensed product by Rubik’s to boot, and it will do its bit to help brighten up your abode with its 80’s retro stylings. Thanks to the included triangular display stand, the Rubik’s Cube Light will be able to light up your home while doubling as a conversation starter. It charges via USB, where a single full charge will deliver up to 2 hours of juice.

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