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If you’re a dog lover, you know that there’s nothing that you want more, than your best friends happiness. Sure you rub their bellies, give them treats, take them for long walks in the moonlight, but let’s face it… it’s highly likely that your sidekick is lacking in a certain kind of companionship, you know, the doggie kind. Is it fair to deny your pooch a soulmate? I understand that the chance for love to blossom with another canine may not have crossed your mind, but I’ll bet Fido has tossed the idea around a fair bit. Doesn’t he deserve someone to love too?

Well, the folks over at Tagg think so…  Tagg is a pet tracking system that allows you to track your pet’s location, and activity from your computer or mobile device, utilizing a lightweight pet tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar, and it can be worn at all times, even while bathing or swimming. It quickly and easily turns your dog’s existing collar, into a useful GPS tool for finding your best friend! The humans behind this useful dog-finding gadget, want to help you find something else… a fabulous date for your pooch!

Utilizing the same idea as human dating sites, you simply need to enter in your pets age, geographical location, and their likes and dislikes… think: Rambo loves long walks in the woods, chewing on fine furniture, and lifting his leg everywhere, or Fifi dislikes taking a bath, veterinary visits, pooping on the couch, and poodles of all kinds… and your eligible fur-buddy could be instantly matched with a canine companion somewhere near you… oh come on, doesn’t love deserve a chance? To sign up your furry friend, visit doglovedog.com, trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Sigh…  the joys of puppy love.

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