Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters add a dash of style to your home


Not everyone loves to invite guests to their home, as some of us prefer to keep our home, well, private, and away from the curious eyes of the rest of the folks out there. Others, however, see the home as a place where they can have warm fellowship with their other friends, and if you happen to be sanguine in your approach to life, then you might be interested in the £19.99 Glowing Coasters. Each set of 4 will boast of Radium-226 (Red), Plutonium-244 (Blue), Uranium-238 (Green), Thorium-232 (Orange) isotopes to excite the geek in you.

These Glowing Coasters are no ordinary coasters, and thankfully, they do not carry any kind of radiation that will make you grow a tail or perhaps a third eyeball, but rather, will work on regular batteries. The Glowing Coasters also do not depend on sorcery of any kind, but rather, it will use pressure-sensitive coasters to light up your beverages, with each of them capable of emitting a soothing radioactive glow. Each set would run on eight 3V CR2032 batteries (which are thankfully included to help you get started right out of the box).

It goes without saying that these are not dishwasher safe at all, so a simple act of wiping it with a damp cloth to keep it clean will do.

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