Smartphone to Telephoto Camera Converter helps you capture quality images sans DSLR


You can more or less say that the quality and performance of smartphones cameras these days are decent enough if you happen to run a casual blog, and love sprinkling your stories with various shots of whatever you are writing about in that particular moment. It is certainly a far cry from the early integrated cameras in mobile phones, and there does not seem to be a desperate need for a dedicated point-and-shoot camera any more. Still, you might want to take things to the next level without picking up a system camera or a DSLR with the $299.95 Smartphone to Telephoto Camera Converter.

The Smartphone to Telephoto Camera Converter a lens-shaped digital camera which will be able to transform a smartphone into a sophisticated telephoto camera. One will be able to secure it in a jiffy thanks to the adjustable clamps that work their wonders on just about any iPhone or Android-powered device, where the device’s built-in photo sensor will synchronize sans wires with a phone in order to deliver professional-quality stills and videos, all without requiring you to lug around a separate camera. Its motorized telephoto lens has a 10X optical zoom that allows it to capture close-ups from a distance, and its 18MP resolution would let you capture fine details without blur thanks to optical image stabilization and subject-tracking auto-focus.

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