Star Trek Mini Light Up Enterprise for fanboys out there

star_trek_light_up_mini_enterpriseI know that when we were much younger, we thought that we had the world at our feet, and there was virtually nothing that we could not do or achieve. Having grown up into adulthood, however, one’s perspective would have changed – and this would mean being confined to what our university degrees have decreed us to be, slaving away under a system to get the next generation of humanity grow up, before we pack up our things and fade into the background. Why not keep that flicker of a flame alive your mind with the $12.95 Star Trek Mini Light Up Enterprise if all you ever wanted to do was to be a starship captain?

The word “mini” would definitely give the game away, as this is a tiny light-up U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 that sits prettily on your desk. Apart from that, it will also be accompanied by a mini book that will carry information within that helps expand (or confirm) your Enterprise knowledge. Unfortunately, no phaser noises have been thrown into the mix, so you will just have to make do with the tiny bunch of lights in the saucer section (including the bridge) lighting up whenever you flip the switch. A trio of LR41 are what keeps the Star Trek Mini Light Up Enterprise going.