Energy H3 MP3 headphones offer greater level of freedom

energysistemAre all headphones created equal? I would not like to think of it that way, and I am quite sure that Energy Sistem thinks along the same line, too. Their latest product is known as the Energy H3 MP3 headphones , where it basically allows you to enjoy your music wherever and whenever you are. This allows you to tune in to music without any limits, while (fingers crossed) setting the trend that for what could be an original headphone design to go along with your style as well as personality.

There will be two original models that will make up the new Energy H3 MP3 headphones, where they are known as Jamaica and Catrina. Hmmm, I am not too sure about the choice of name for the latter, considering how the hurricane Katrina (I know, it is a different spelling, but still!) has wrought plenty of devastation in the US before. Regardless, they will arrive with a built-in microSD/SDHC memory card reader that will allow you to tune in on your favorite songs of choice without having to be at the mercy of the local radio DJ.

This means you no longer need to tote around a separate MP3 player to listen to the songs of your choice, since the Energy H3 MP3 headphones is more than capable of handling a microSD memory card of up to 32GB in size, which should be more than enough storage space to stash away a variety of MP3 and WMA files, and then some. Of course, another major advantage that one reaps from using the Energy H3 MP3 headphones would be the fact that you no longer need to deal with annoying and pesky cables that tend to get in your way when you’re not looking.

Of course, just in case you get bored with your personal collection of music, you can still tune in to your favorite radio stations, keeping up to date with everything that is happening around courtesy of the digital FM radio function. A full charge of its lithium battery will deliver up to 8 hours of non-stop playback.

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