ProtectCELL – Protect your Connection


Come on, admit it, your mobile device has become something you absolutely, positively, cannot live without. It is a link to your family, your friends, it’s your information source, your memories, your business contacts, your safety net, heck, your weather reports, alarm clock, and entertainment … just about every facet of your life. So who is out there protecting your precious device? You know the one, the one that holds your whole life in its memory…

Check out ProtectCELL, the first ever insurance of its kind offering you protection on all 3 of your gadgets most important aspects, the device itself, the data, and your identity. Your everyday cell phone insurance only covers you if you damage or lose your mobile device. But what about your data and all your personal information if that device is stolen? ProtectCELL has a whole host of protection plans to help you preserve, and even rebuild your digital life.

ProtectCELL offers insurance that takes care of almost every peril that can befall your device, breaking, or cracking, dropping or spilling, mechanical failure, and loss of data. ProtectCELL let’s you locate and lock your device, and the protection plans are transferrable from one phone to another.

The cost is in line with what you might expect to pay for less comprehensive protection, so its certainly worth checking out if you’re the type of person whose apt to drop their phone in the toilet, or leave it on the train… and even if you’re not, you won’t keep yourself awake at night worrying that you might. Plans start at around 99 bucks for 2 whole years worth of grief-free protection. Worth it? I think so. Check out coverage for your devices at