Connoisseur’s Vault for the ultimate peace of mind

connoisseurs-vaultWhile there is no such thing as a 100% certainty for the days that are ahead of our lives, heck, we cannot even determine for sure what will happen to us in the next minute, let alone the next second, there are still some steps that we as humans can actively take in order to minimize the amount of risks that we potentially go through. Over the course of one’s lifetime, I am quite sure that we would have amassed our fair share of earthly treasures, and would need a safe space to stash them away. Have you ever considered a safe in your home? Why settle for less when you have arrived at your station in life, when you can have the $155,000 Connoisseur’s Vault?

The Connoisseur’s Vault is made in Germany by Döttling, renowned manufacturers of luxury safes since 1919. This particular home vault offers secure, dedicated storage for those with refined taste. It is a three-door vault that sports a main safe which can be accessed only by a key pad combination, alongside eight integrated watch winders, where each of these are individually controlled by software that sets the direction of the rotation. A suede-lined jewelry drawer offers separate, organized storage for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Apart from that, there is also a humidor drawer that has been lined with Spanish cedar and has an electronic humidification system with a hygrometer and barometer made by Wempe to make sure that whatever you stash inside will be stored at the ideal humidity level. It is also waterproof and fireproof up to 1,994° F for one hour, and it can even be hooked to an established alarm system.