Pavati Tap lets you see hot and cold water streams merge


I suppose when you have the convenience of hot water flowing out from your taps, you would not really think twice when it comes to how the water gets there in the first place. However, design comes into play on the higher end side of things, and with the Pavati Tap, you know for sure that your home would be adorned with something that will be very, very different from what other homes have. In fact, it will come in an ultra-modern and minimalist aesthetic look, where the entirety of components of traditional taps including the spout and dials have been specially incorporated into the Pavati’s body, resulting in an elegant and uniform shape without anything to distract it from its sculptural form.

The Pavati Tap’s body would gently curve over the basin, where it will taper into a larger profile at the top. These lines will then lead ones eye towards one of the tap’s most unique features, which would be its ability to mix both hot and cold water streams. Yes sir, what was once hidden has now been brought into light, so to speak, and it provides you with a way to wow your guests and visitors alike. The dual streams will vary in position and size, depending on just where you have set the temperature dials to.

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