The HiCan blends vintage and contemporary to make your sleep more exciting


When it comes to sleep, we all have different methods of drifting off. Some of us need music, staring at our smartphones for a few minutes, or a TV being on to calmly shut our brains down. Even then, the slightest noise or jolt in a dream can have you back to square one in no time. Seeing that we spend about a third of our lives asleep, you want to make sure it’s as restful and enjoyable as possible.

One of the important aspects to getting the most out of your time conked out is having a comfortable bed. You can wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, or with a kink in your neck. If you want the ultimate in a place to snooze, then the HiCan would certainly be a good option. This is a new way of looking at a canopy bed, mainly because it has so many special features.

This has a built-in PC, surround sound speakers, a theater screen at the foot of the bed, projector, blinds, and lights. If that’s not enough, it comes with a home automation system that has been designed to manage this whole operation. Of course, when your price range for one object that doesn’t normally go over a few thousand is $55,000 or more, there are going to be options for customization. The only thing you might want to worry about is how comfortable the mattress is, but that will likely be a separate purchase.

Available for purchase on HiCan, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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