The Keybrid will make your keys a little less jingly


There comes a time in everyone’s lives where you feel like you are the key master. There are keys for old apartments, your parents house, pad locks, car keys, and much, much more. While we don’t want to be without a key we need, they can get to be a bit on the loud side in your bag or pocket. Likely because it’s a piece of metal dangling on a ring next to a bunch of other pieces of metal.

While keys are likely going to continue to be made of this same material for some time, you can lessen the amount of it that you have to carry around with you. The Keybrid is not only a key, but also a functioning keyring all-in-one. While you will need to have these cut to fit your specific needs, it would take out a big chunk of the jingle-jangle in your pockets.

It’s a very simple idea, but one that could bring on its own problems. We’re all too familiar with forgetting which key is which, and fumbling around in front of the door at night, wishing there was an easier way to do things. As this would essentially be removing the head of the key, you’d have to find a new way to categorize which is what. There are two blanks available for SC1 and KW1 keys/locks, and either will cost around $9 a piece. If you’d like to get a bundle that has one of each, it will cost around $17. Either of these should fit around 95% of the locks in the US should you be concerned about where it will and won’t be relevant.

Available for purchase on Keybrid, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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Brian Caldirola Says: March 1, 2014 at 9:31 pm

i don’t understand this. could you please re-explain for us idiots. thanks!

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