LifeHub’s Comfortable Reach Charger – Plugged in, No Problems


There aren’t a lot of items on my “things I hate” list, but on that’s right up there is coming home to my computer or iPad and finding my daughter has exhausted the batteries playing Minecraft and I am now required to huddle in the corner next to the electrical outlet, attached to the charging cable. Why don’t they just make those things longer?

Well, now they actually do, check out LifeHub’s Comfortable Reach Charger, a cell phone sized, three-gadget USB charging device with an extra-long 15′ cord, which allows for quick, and comfortable recharging from almost anywhere in the room, regardless of where your outlets are.

With three 2.1-amp USB ports, this charger lets you juice up your smartphone, tablet, and almost any other mobile device, while its extra long cable lets you go on about your business with no dead battery interruptions, and, no having to sit on the floor plugged into the wall just to finish your text to Aunt Joan.

The Comfortable Reach Charger plugs into AC, comes equipped with a slender cradle that can keep any unused portion of cord neatly coiled, in order to reduce knots, tangles and tripping hazards, while the built-in surge protector  protects your precious gadgetry from power spikes, and all this can be yours for under 60 bucks, from our friends at a small price to pay for comfort, don’t you think?