Lexibook announces Android-powered console

lexibookLexibook has had its fair bit of success with children’s electronics as well as high tech products, and in order to maintain their cutting edge in this particular industry, they have announced the launch of the world’s first Android educational and entertainment living room console which has been specially designed for littles ones aged 3 years and above. The concept behind this Android-powered console is pretty simple – connect, learn, and play! Let us check out what the starter pack in this Lexibook console has to offer for the masses.

This starter pack will come with a light dome with storage compartment for the characters, a single joystick which has been specially designed to work equally well for both right- and left-handers, a pair of characters: Lili the Ladybug, the brand’s visual emblem, and her best friend Enzo, the dauntless zebra, 26 comprehensive educational activities based on learning letters, words, numbers, shapes, and the seasons, as well as an interactive, pedagogically-designed picture dictionary, with over 10 games that were designed to develop children’s dexterity and logical skills, and an interactive book, and pre-loaded videos among others.

Not only that, one will be able to gain access to the LexiBox Market which would open the door to download thousands of free applications, allowing parents to bid farewell to expensive cartridges that are reminiscent of the NES and SNES days. One will be able to access a library of interactive books, including the famous Mr. Men and Little Miss books, not to mention gaining access to a VideoStore that holds a large number of videos for viewing.

The console itself boasts of a 3D welcome interface which will see the two little characters introduced, as they help guide kids through the LexiBox universe. Every single aspect of navigation has been designed to be intuitive, interactive, playful and stimulating. Parents too can rest easy knowing that secure Wi-Fi connection provided by Lexibook Protect will offer control over console usage time s well as its services thanks to the “time management” feature. Pricing details have yet to be determined as at press time though.

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