Nightstand Dog House offers added convenience in your bedroom


They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, although I am quite sure that some of us do not mind having some diamonds as our best friend as well (the ladies would know very well what I am talking about here). Still, you might want to give your four legged companion somewhere comfortable where it feels safe to sleep in at night in your room, ensuring that it also does not simply wander elsewhere to fool you into thinking that things which go bump in the night exist. The answer? The $499.95 Nightstand Dog House.

The Nightstand Dog House does what its name suggests – it happens to be a nightstand that has integrated sleeping quarters meant for your pooch. This does away with the need for a standalone pet bed, as the Nightstand Dog House will look as though it is part of the bedroom décor, while a door allows your pooch to access to their own sleeping space. You can choose to leave the slatted door panel there as a barrier, or remove it for freedom of movement. The nightstand itself comes with narrow openings on both sides so that there is adequate ventilation, whie it comes finished with a non-toxic stain that is safe for pets.

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HiHat Says: February 16, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Only the one percent would want (or could afford) this. The rest of us let our dogs sleep on our beds! (And few of our dogs would be dissuaded from sleeping on our beds, even if the doggy nightstand has a door and non-toxic stain and a flat-screen TV or whatever.) How silly…

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