You can turn any laptop into a touchscreen

Turn_Your_Regular_Laptop_into a touchscreen
It seems like touchscreens are everywhere. They come up so frequently that it has come to the point where you sometimes get to a device which is not touch-capacitive, and end up poking the screen anyway. Of course, just because that’s the trending fashion doesn’t mean we’re all going to be able to go out and get a new tablet, laptop, or phone immediately.

If you want the capabilities and advantages that touchscreens supply but don’t have the cash, then the Touch Screen Camera for your laptop will give you just that. It is quite literally a camera that will track your movement on the screen. As this does only cost $43, it’s far cheaper than a new laptop, but will still leave something to be desired.

If nothing else, this can be a webcam for video chats. Should you want to use it to make your laptop touch-capacitive, then you’ll only need to plug it in and use the provided pen to click on icons, write, and draw. The pen will need a battery, but the camera will draw from your laptop. While it is nice for those of you who really want a touchscreen and can’t afford to get a new screen or new laptop entirely, this will be one more thing to carry in your bag, and might be easy to lose or break with its long neck.

Available for purchase on Chinavision, found via redferret

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