Remote Control Illuminated Moon ensures no clouds will spoil your night


There is nothing quite like a clear night sky for one to look up to, seeing all of the stars coming out to dance across the pitch black canopy. Twice a month (more or less in that manner), the full moon would come out to play, where it would illuminate the entire landscape with its soft and shimmering light which lends an air of romance to it all. However, we mortals have no control over the weather, but what happens when you have something like the €22.49 Remote Control Illuminated Moon to give you some semblance of supernatural power?

The Remote Control Illuminated Moon comes across as an authentically detailed model of the moon by Brainstorm, where it has been specially designed to hang easily on your wall in the same vein as that of a picture. This particularly realistic moonscape would be able to shine moonlight just like the real deal, where the remote control is able to automatically scroll through the dozen illuminated lunar phases, or you can opt to use the manual function to set your own moon phase. A quartet of AA batteries will power this faux moon. I wonder if this will help lycanthropes turn on their own…

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