Keecker is a projector and webcam that wants to follow you like a shadow

There will come a time when the capabilities of robots will start to become eerie. In a way, they’ve already reached this point as they can walk, talk, and sing, but not without someone telling them to (we’re still a few years off from robot lords taking over). For the moment, they’re more pets than anything as they require updating and maintenance just as any animal would need nourishment and grooming.

If you’ve always wanted your own little piece of machinery to follow you around at home, then the Keecker would be perfect! OK, it’s not meant to take the place of a cat or dog, but is actually supposed to be used as an entertainment hub. This has a projector which is capable of tossing up a regular screen display or 360 degree image. It also has a webcam, which will allow you to not only be seen by friends who are far away, but let you see them projected on a wall.

This has an internal speaker set so you can stream music wirelessly or play games on a big screen while controlling everything through your smartphone. Through the Keecker, you’ll also be granted the ability to see your home analytics such as the temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and more on your phone so you can keep your home at its optimal level for your comfort. Of course, even with the $4,000 price tag, this would likely just end up being a way to browse the web on a large screen while in bed.

More information available on Keecker, found via OhGizmo