HappyBird digital backpack might help kids out


Do you think that kids these days have plenty more books to carry to school than you did back when you were a kid? Of course, it makes perfect sense for lockers in schools to be put to good use, since it would mean not having to tote around all of the books back and forth each day, easing the burden on one’s back, especially since a child’s body is not yet fully developed. Well, HappyBird, a new ‘digital backpack’, has been introduced in order to help bring an end to the back problems that has plagued up to 50% of children in the UK due to the fact that they have been carrying schoolbags and books that are way too heavy for them.

The HappyBird concept works this way – it is made up of a tablet, a Bluetooth pen, and a carry case, where the entire shebang would tip the scales at 94% less weight compared to your average schoolbag. All three of these will work in tandem with one another, providing students with access to millions of ebooks and apps so that they can improve their learning performance.

The asking price for the HappyBird stands at £69, and Jackson Anni, HappyBird co-founder, shared,”HappyBird improves both the health of school, college and university students in the UK, as well as their learning experience and performance. HappyBird is the first in a series of products to help us realise our vision of a world where companies and governments work more closely together to improve the education system via the use of digital tools and technology.”

HappyBird’s 8-inch tablet will be powered by the Android mobile operating system, where its Bluetooth pen is also capable of connecting pen and paper to the tablet in real-time, so that the user will be able to annotate work and send messages to friends. Apart from that, the HappyBird tablet is green enough to be recycled, so should one damage the tablet by accident, they are able to send it to a local recycling bank. Other hardware specifications of this tablet include a Mali TM-400 GPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory which can be further augmented via a microSD memory card slot, a 2MP camera at the back and a front-facing VGA camera.

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