Beacon Audio Orion Headphones sports an In Line Mic as well

beacon-audio-orionNot all headphones are created equal, which is why there is always a ready market for the higher end models, mid-range devices as well as entry level ones. Once in a while, something that is more special than the rest would also pop into the picture, and this is where the $49.99 Beacon Audio Orion Headphones makes an appearance. The Beacon Audio Orion headphones are colorful on-ear stereo headphones that be accompanied by a one-button in-line microphone and remote control, where you can pick from two color combinations – Red/White or Black/Blue.

Being more than just a pair of headphones, you could more or less call this a fashion accessory as well. After all, doesn’t your choice depict who you are as well as how you “consume” your music? At least this particular pair is stylish enough, and would be able to pass off as a decent purchase. Clearly sitting somewhere in the mid-range side of things, they will boast of the vibrant styling that you would find in modern over-ear headphones, where it will play nice with any audio device that has a standard headphone jack. As for the remote functionality of its in-line microphone, it will be compatible with majority of the other smartphones out there in the market.