Snakebyte Vyper – All in One Entertainment Device


What would we do without our smartphones and tablets? Walking around these days all you see is people tied up with their electronics and you have to wonder to yourself how anyone got things done before, and how you managed to sit waiting, for anything, without a little handheld entertainment to get you through.

Well things just went to the next level, check out Snakebytes Vyper, the worlds very first, portable, three in one entertainment hub. Thats right, finally the device you’ve been dreaming of, a technological blend of smart TV, tablet and gaming system all in one device, built to travel!

Snakebyte Vyper is designed to let not only let you enjoy your favorite apps on the go, but also on your television via the custom TV dock, and then, two different controllers match every entertainment experience you can find on the Google Play Store.

Housed in a 7 inch display quad core tablet, the Vyper TV dock turns any TV into a smart TV and the Airmouse remote, with built in keyboard allows you to type, play and navigate right from the comfort of your couch, and rounding out the system is the included game controller, just right for the thousands of game options in the Google Play Store including dedicated gaming experiences, like racing games, action, and adventure play.

Snakebyte Vyper launched in Europe today, and  here in North America, Vyper will be available at the end of this month, from, with prices starting at under 200 bucks. Please visit the website for videos and availability information.