Impress Personal Coffee Brewer get the job done

impress-coffeeThere is nothing quite like having a nice, hot mug of your favorite coffee in the mornings to perk your day up. The thing is, not all mugs are created equal, and depending on the person brewing your coffee as well as the coffee grounds that are in use, you might want to check out the $39.95 Impress Personal Coffee Brewer to start off your mornings right. This is a 14 oz. coffee press which has enough quality to make the right amount of extremely fresh coffee. Not only that, it comes with a bunch of simple parts that make it a snap to rinse and to clean once you are done. Not only that, it boasts of a double-walled out cup that makes it ready for travel, all the while ensuring that the external bit remains cool to the touch always.

This is the ideal tool to have for you who want the to-go type level of convenience without sacrificing on the quality of your drink, as it offers a similar level of quality of French Press coffee. It requires just a matter of minutes for you to enjoy high quality coffee, where the only thing that you need to do would be to place your fresh grounds in the outer cup and pour in hot water. Hang around for three minutes while you play some Candy Crush, push down the inner cup, and voila! The reverse-flow filter will filter out the grounds to produce beautiful, hot coffee. The filter itself will trap the grounds in order to prevent overbrewing and sediment. Once done, just pour it into a ready mug and you’re ready to start off your day right.