Children’s Animating/Projecting Camera offers plenty of fun this holiday season

animating-projectorA child’s imagination is truly something worth admiring, that is for sure. The thing is, we adults sometimes work to stifle such imagination, but here is one particular toy that you might just be interested in – the $89.95 Children’s Animating/Projecting Camera from the folks over at Hammacher. This is no ordinary camera by itself, no sir. This particular shooter will allow kids to apply colorful, zany animations to pictures, before these images are then projected onto a wall. Prior to pressing the shutter button, kids will have the ability to line up shots thanks to the 1.75” LCD display, where they have a choice of one of 50 animated effects that are provided by the camera’s built-in editing software.

Among these would include seven overlay scenes, where among them would be a flying superhero, a gyrating disco dancer, or a goal-scoring soccer star. Not only that, children also have the ability to apply for other effects, where among them are an elephant trunk and ears, a viking hat, or even a mohawk. All it takes is a flip of a lever in order to convert the camera into a projector, and when you turn off the lights and hold the camera 24″ from a wall, it will show off a child’s show, where before that there will be the drawback of animated curtains and applause from the integrated speaker. Capable of stashing up to 1,000 JPEG images, the Children’s Animating/Projecting Camera will be powered by a quartet of AA batteries.