Nanodots GYRO DUO are magnetically gyroscopic balls


Now here is a pair of extremely interesting balls – the $39.99 Nanodots GYRO DUO, where they happen to be magnetically gyroscopic balls. These two balls will feature self-orienting, high-powered magnetic cores, where you will be able to do a whole lot with them – ranging from playing with them or building with them, they are ready and waiting to go at all times. It really depends on you, and each purchase would arrive with a display stand of its own.

Described to be “fun and fantastic”, the Nanodots GYRO DUO magnetically gyroscopic balls will feature a quartet of super-powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnets within. These magnets happen to be rigged into a self-orienting mechanism, and just how exactly do they work? Well, a pair of these happen to be GYRO balls, while the other two are magnet proxies, being grey on the outside with magnets within. These proxies will provide you with the freedom to build more and play more, but the GYROs are where the fun really starts. They resemble robot eyes that you will be able to view its innards as you move them around one another. Alternatively, you can also choose to stick them together and check out how the insides will be able to move independently of the reinforced polyoxymethylene shell. Your imagination’s basically the limit here.

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